Paul Krugman laments our brave new post-truth world

All presidents lie some of the some of the time. Many presidents spin most of the time. But never has a president lied, to the public and the press, all of the time. For Paul Krugman, this bottomless mendacity is what separates the Trump administration from all that preceded it and helps explain why Trump poses such a unique threat to the future of American democracy.

In a Friday column that ricochets from anger to despair and back again, the New York Times economist mourns the first victim of the Trump era: the truth.

“On matters of policy, politicians used to limit their misrepresentations of facts and impacts to relatively hard-to-verify assertions. When George W. Bush insisted that his tax cuts mainly went to the middle class, this wasn’t true, but it took some number-crunching to show that,” he writes. “What we’re getting from Mr. Trump is simply on a different plane from anything we’ve seen before.”

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