Post-Truth Project Featured in Portland Monthly

This month’s copy of Portland Monthly Magazine features an article titled “Fall Arts: Creative Resistance” with a nice write up on our collaborative Post-Truth project with Open Signal.

From the article – 

Big Screen, Little Lies

“Earlier this year, community media center Open Signal and micro-budget film studio Lower Boom put out a call. They were looking for five regional media-makers to create original works on ‘post-truth,’ or ‘what it’s like to live in a post-factual era.’ Say Lower Boom’s Matt Schulte: ‘Everybody believes nothing and everybody believes everything simultaneously. How could that be? I was looking at it through the lens of the breakdown of language and what words can mean and cannot.’

From the dozens of submissions, the partners chose five, each to receive $1,000 toward the project as well as mentorship and equipment access. Dawn Jones Redstone and Brenan Dwyer were among the winners, for their short film proposal, Nemesis.”

“It explores white male fragility through the lens of a single Scrabble match,” says Redstone. “What starts out as a competitive word game becomes recognizable gendered political warfare.”

For Redstone, the change in administration has also strengthened her artistic resolve. “As a gay, Latinx filmmaker, the election gave me a bitter determination to focus the lens on the voices that are being silenced and suppressed right now,” she says. “And it’s absolutely important to me to tell these stories with other women and people of color, because if we want our stories told we have to tell them ourselves. We have to become the storytellers.”

Post-Truth Winners & Screening Details!

In 2016, Oxford Dictionaries selected “post-truth” as the international word of the year, after the contentious “Brexit” referendum and an equally divisive U.S. presidential election caused usage of the adjective to skyrocket.

In response to our new post-truth political landscape, Open Signal and Lower Boom invited local mediamakers to submit proposals for original work on the theme of post-truth, which would be funded with $1,000 stipends.

A jury selected five projects by regional artists to award, granting stipends to Tabitha Nikolai, Dawn Jones Redstone & Brenan Dwyer, Garima Thakur, Carl Diehl and Niema Lightseed.

In addition to being featured on and Open Signal’s cable channels, the finished pieces will be presented at a screening on Friday, Nov. 3.

Selected works:

“I Am an Alien,” by Garima Thakur, a hypertext non-linear web-based project that plays with the language used on immigration Visa forms like the I-99 and DS-160, which describes an immigrant’s status as an “alien allowed to work”.

“Crop,” by Niema Lightseed, a multimedia exploration of trans-temporal slavery via poetry and video that raises awareness of modern slavery.

“Nemesis,” by Dawn Jones Redstone & Brenan Dwyer, a short comedy film investigating white male fragility through a single Scrabble match.

“Ineffable Glossolalia,” by Tabitha Nikolai, a virtual environment exploring a historical Nazi book burning, and the clumsy and painful efforts to restore the sense of self-lost there.

“The Connective Unconscious,” by Carl Diehl, an interactive electronic art installation that dramatically enacts the construction of online “truths.”

Image Credit: Still from Garima Thakur’s “I Am an Alien.”

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